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Bong Serrano is the published author of Batangas: My Sky and Earth, a story about his recollections and reflections on growing up in the southern province of the island of Luzon in the Philippines, enriched by its people, culture, and traditions. He takes the reader on a journey to a bygone era with a visceral narrative of his sky and earth—a child’s life from the house on the hilltop of a little-known subdivision.

It has taken a village to raise him. Bong finds love and forgiveness by recalling his memories with his elders and contemporaries in their journey of rediscovery during a global pandemic and deepening climate crisis.

He lives in Vancouver with his partner of thirty-one years and loves engaging with good stories, listening to music, taking long walks along the seawall, and cooking adobo when he’s not watching Asian dramas.

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I’m deeply grateful to the early adopters and readers who supported me and provided valuable reviews during the initial release of my book in digital format. Your words of kindness and encouragement have been a guiding light throughout my publishing journey, and I am honoured to acknowledge your unwavering support.