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Released on September 27, 2023, the paperback, hardcover, and ebook editions of my childhood memoir, Batangas: My Sky and Earth, are now officially available for purchase through FriesenPress Bookstore. The title is also widely available through Ingram Content Group’s global distribution network of over 50,000 booksellers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, and ebook retail channels.

Hardcover and Paperback Editions

Deciding between a hardcover and paperback edition of Batangas: My Sky and Earth offers readers the flexibility to tailor their reading experience to personal preferences.

The hardcover edition boasts durability and a timeless feel, making it ideal for collectors and those seeking a lasting addition to their library. Its robustness provides added protection, creating an immersive reading experience. Conversely, the paperback edition is a more portable and affordable option, catering to readers on the move who prioritize convenience.

Whether you lean towards the elegance of a hardcover or the practicality of a paperback, your choice reflects your unique reading habits and aesthetic inclinations, ensuring an enjoyable exploration of my beloved childhood memoir.

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Buying the Book in the Philippines

Good news! You can place an order for your book from the FriesenPress Bookstore and, and it will be shipped to the Philippines.

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FriesenPress BookstoreBuy NowBuy Now
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Free Shipping to the Philippines with

Enjoy FREE shipping to the Philippines when you purchase one or more eligible items with a total order value of USD 49 or more on qualifying orders at You can take advantage of this offer by purchasing the hardcover edition of our book, which qualifies for free shipping as it’s currently priced at USD 50.99. Here’s the direct link to purchase the hardcover edition from

For more details on free shipping to the Philippines, please refer to’s website.

Ebook Edition

For those who prefer digital editions, the ebook version of my book is available through various channels. This includes:

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FriesenPress BookstoreBuy Now
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Rakuten kobo (🇨🇦 Canada)Buy Now
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Kindle Edition

Or, you can buy the Kindle edition from one of the Amazon stores below and get your ebook delivered to your Kindle library.

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The widespread availability of my book through these established channels ensures that readers from different regions and with various reading preferences can easily discover and purchase a copy. Whether they prefer the feel of a physical book or the convenience of an ebook, there are options to suit everyone’s reading preferences.

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For Book Buyers and the Trade

Download the Publisher’s Catalogue Sheet

The publisher’s catalogue sheet contains essential information about Batangas: My Sky and Earth, including its description, ISBN, price, and other relevant details, designed to help book buyers and the trade make informed decisions about purchasing and promoting the book.