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Exciting News: Batangas: My Sky and Earth Now Published!

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I am overjoyed to announce the official release of my memoir, Batangas: My Sky and Earth. As I reminisce about the journey that led to this moment, I find solace in the harmonious notes of Inay’s Kundiman Song, the very music that inspired the creation of the book’s first chapter. This song, performed by my mother and Ms. Conching Rosal in a high school kundiman competition in Batangas, holds a special place in my heart.

🎥 Watch the First Chapter: Inay’s Kundiman Song 📚

In this brief video, I invite you to delve into the essence of my childhood as captured in Batangas: My Sky and Earth. The first chapter unfolds through old photographs of my parents, Cayo and Pining, during their youth in the 1930s. Within 1 minute and 15 seconds, you’ll catch a glimpse of the world that shaped my story.

Batangas: My Sky and Earth is now available for purchase! Released on September 27, 2023, the book can be acquired in paperback, hardcover, and ebook editions. You can order your copy directly from the FriesenPress Bookstore. Moreover, the title will soon be accessible through Ingram Distribution’s extensive network, including popular platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, and various ebook retail channels.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my family and friends whose unwavering support has been the cornerstone of my writing journey. Your encouragement has propelled me to this significant milestone, and for that, I am deeply thankful.

Now, as my book takes flight, I invite you all to join me in spreading the word. Let’s embark on this exciting promotional journey together, sharing the magic of Batangas: My Sky and Earth far and wide! 📘✨






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